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MERI, Genesis Foundation Announces Rebrand


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MERI, Genesis Foundation Announce Rebrand

Memphis-based Medical Education and Research Institute and Genesis Legacy of Life have announced a rebrand of their services and spaces.

Serving medical professionals across the country, MERI is a nonprofit educational bioskills lab and service provider. Genesis Legacy of Life is MERI’s willed whole-body donor program and will now be known as the Genesis Legacy Whole Body Donation Foundation.

The rebranding effort includes a joint logo and new color scheme, and it impacts everything from signage to vehicles to scrubs. The entities’ new shared positioning statement – “Advancing knowledge. Honoring life.” – also exemplifies the relationship between the nonprofit facilities and donation foundation.

MERI was founded in 1994 by Memphis neurosurgeon Dr. Kevin Foley, and it continues to serve as an industry leader for medical knowledge and practical advancement with state-of-the-art equipment, event management capabilities, and customized amenities.

MERI’s new website ( showcases its onsite and offsite bioskills event management services, including a new, state-of-the-art mobile bioskills lab for surgical training.

– Andy Meek


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